I have recently fallen in love… with the elderflower. This is a liquor that I never knew existed until about a year ago and now I want to put it in everything. It is sweet, succulent and therefore delicious! If you need a refreshing cocktail after cramming in your last-minute Christmas shopping this weekend, sit back and sip on this!

Cucumber Heaven is a refreshing martini that I could drink all night long. The nose of this drink is very unique with the smell of cucumber but the taste throws you when you get sweet and sparkling. As a friend said to me, “The nose and pallet are arguing against each other.”


  • 2 oz Cucumber Vodka
  • 1 oz Elderflower Liquor
  • Squeeze of Lemon
  • Splash of Club Soda or Prosecco (whichever tickles your fancy)

The Method:

  • Place the vodka, elderflower and lemon in a shaker with ice
  • Shake ~ Shake ~ Shake
  • Pour into a chilled martini glass
  • Add a splash of Prosecco (the obvious choice for me)
  • Garnish with a lemon rind

If you are ever in a bar with an unimpressive cocktail menu, this is definitely a drink that you can ask to be made for you.

It is simple and perfect.


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