Christmas trees aren’t the only addicting fragrance this time of year – rosemary lends an awesome aroma to this dangerous cocktail. Throw in the raspberries, and we have a martini that goes down almost too easily…and is sure to make even Mrs. Clause blush!

These are a bit involved to make, so roll up your little green elf sleeves. Bring ~24 raspberries (small carton should do, save four for garnish), the leaves from four rosemary sprigs, and 10 ounces of simple syrup to a boil. Simmer on very low heat for 30 minutes, mashing occasionally. Let cool, and strain the mixture through a fine mesh sieve – you want a smooth syrup with minimal pulp. You may have to work slowly and in small batches, encouraging the mixture through the sieve by stirring/scraping. Press on the solids as well to get as much syrup as possible. Don’t give up, it’s worth it in the end!

Shake 12 ounces of the raspberry syrup and 12 ounces of vodka with ice, and strain into four chilled martini glasses. For garnish, stuff small sprigs of rosemary into the reserved raspberries and float on top.

Cheers, and Merry Christmas!


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