Champagne. When most people hear the word champagne two things come to mind; celebrations and mimosas. When I hear champagne I run to the fridge and pull out a bottle. The only decision I have to make is whether this particular bottle is so good that I want to drink it all by itself, or is it a bottle I would prefer to use in a champagne cocktail. If there is ever a doubt, champagne cocktail all the way. Champagne Cocktails and Champagne Punches are some of my favorite drinks. This also may be because I can always find at least one cheap bottle of Brut somewhere in my house and it only feels natural to try to make something worth drinking out of it.

It amazes me how you can put the smallest amount of any liquor into a glass of champagne and completely change the flavor. For this particular drink, the orange liquor will do just that. This Citrus Champagne Cocktail is a great choice as a substitute for a mimosa during brunch and it is also a great afternoon drink because it is refreshing and has a nice light citrus taste. My preference is to drink these on a nice summer afternoon or any fall afternoon where you want to act like it’s still summer.

The Recipe:
• 1 oz Cointreau
• A squeeze of a lemon slice
• A wedge of orange peel teased*
• A wedge of lemon peel teased*
• Champagne

** Teased – to twist the peel as you place it in the drink; I am hoping this is an actual term and not my husband being funny and somewhat inappropriate.


2 thoughts on “Citrus Champagne Cocktail

  1. These postings are fantastic. Since I don’t drink liquor, I challenge you to a recipe for a wine cocktail or a beer concoction less the liquor. Happy mixing and drinking!
    Thanks, Julie

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