The DUMB team went to the lake for Memorial Day weekend, and we couldn’t pass up an article with 5 rosé cocktails from Bon Appétit. Even though it was still a bit cold out, and not exactly rosé weather, we decided to make all five cocktails in the name of “research”. Such sacrifice! With July 4th coming up this weekend, I think the weather is finally warm enough to wheel these out.


#1: Rosé-Aperol Spritzer
Unfortunately, we weren’t able to make this one…passion fruit juice is hard to come by. I had this problem when making a cake before too. I roped in mango for the cake, but if you’re familiar with passion fruit’s tart flavor, you know this is a pretty poor substitute. Passion fruit juice is of course available online, but I seem to do everything last minute, and so we were sadly reduced to 4 Rosé cocktails. Would someone please make this and report back? It sounds delicious…



#2: Rosé, Bourbon, and Blue
Pictured above, this was a winner, and also one Blaine & I will be making again over July 4th. A bit of work with brewing and then chilling the black tea, also you have to puree and strain the blueberries to extract their juice, but in the end this is a refreshing and unique wine cocktail. Also this is quite patriotic and festive with the red-and-blue!


#3: Strawberry-Rosé Spritzer
Meh. You need to plan ahead (strawberries infuse with a bottle of rosé for three hours), and I feel like Cocktail #5 (below) is better. If you’re angling for a spritzer, my recommendation is to go with that one.





#4: Frosé (Frozen Rosé)
I wasn’t a huge fan of the frosé, although Blaine really liked it. I take issue with things that are hard to eat and drink; I feel like you need a spoon to “drink” this. Dave & Blaine added gin, lime juice, and a little sugar to theirs, and were much more enthusiastic about the drink afterwards…

Perhaps the deal breaker is that you have to plan ahead to freeze the rosé overnight, which also takes up freezer space – a valuable commodity on a holiday weekend especially…



#5: Rosé Spritzer
(Who thought up these names! Let’s call this one “Summer Water Sparkler”.)

This is another that Blaine and I will be making again! Couldn’t be easier to assemble, and St.-Germain will most likely make half of your party swoon with excitement.




Thank you Bon Appétit for providing the inspiration, and I hope one of these (cough…#2, #5…cough) makes it into your holiday weekend planning.



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