Adios Motherfucker.

My love affair with cocktails began in 2006 during a trip to San Francisco with my friend Heather to see if we could picture ourselves living there after college graduation. Up to that point my relationship with alcohol was basically Keystone Light, boxes of Frenzia blush wine, and vodka mixed with anything available to mask the taste of the booze and allow me to consume as much as possible before getting sick.

Enter the AMF. During my two weeks in SF, this cocktail was everywhere, and I became slightly obsessed. I had never thought that you could actually combine liquors, juices and other ingredients to make…a cocktail?

Adios Motherfucker (AMF)
• 1/2 ounce vodka
1/2 ounce rum
1/2 ounce 1800 tequila
1/2 ounce gin
1/2 ounce Blue Curacao liqueur
2 ounces sweet and sour mix
• 2 ounces lemon lime soda

It was from this foundation that it all began. Within a year I was mixing up cocktails, creating recipes and sharing them with my friends and family. Partly due to my age, my skill level and my audience, my first few years of cocktails were extremely sweet, low-brow concoctions of fruity liquors, bottled juices almost exclusively vodka. People loved them! Easy to drink, strong as hell (a Blaine signature) and brightly colored “Blaine makes Martinis” became (and still is) a part of my social identity. I had a martini for every social gathering, occasion and theme.

Over the years my tastes have changed. I love infusing syrups to create unique flavors, making fresh juices from uncommon fruits, and of course attempting to perfect or reinvent the old classics. My goal is to bring you inspired, seasonally appropriate drinks that will WOW your family and friends.

Let’s get DUMB!