Here is a winter recipe to match the brief dusting of snow we have had in Upstate NY. This bright, flavorful cocktail will give you the same little shiver as walking outside on a brisk, winter morning.

The List:

  • 2 oz raspberry vodka
  • ½ oz Cointreau
  • ¼ oz fresh lemon juice
  • Club Soda
  • Raspberries

This is a crowd friendly drink that I am bringing to our friend’s New Year’s party by making a batch ahead of time. By making a batch and pre-chilling, it will allow guests to make their own drinks so you won’t have to tend bar all evening. Then simply bring along some club soda and raspberries to complete the recipe. 12 drinks will fill a 1-liter bottle and I’m planning on bringing 3 pre-made bottles. Can’t run out right?

The Moves:

  • Combine the vodka, Cointreau and lemon juice in a shaker
  • Add ice, shake and double strain in a coupe
  • Top with a splash of club soda
  • Garnish with 2 raspberries

I hope your holidays were fun and you have an exciting New Year’s!


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