It is a warm, breezy, late summer afternoon. Everyone’s moving outside to the deck and a gin martini just doesn’t feel like the right drink for the moment. Citrus Ruby Cocktail to the rescue! Grapefruit is one of those unappreciated fruits, but deeply enjoyed by some. So, let’s mix it with some citrus gin and kick it up a few notches.

The List:

Pairing up with Black Button Distilling in June has given us the opportunity to create some fun summer cocktails using their Citrus Gin as the star of the recipes. It has found a home in our personal bars and we hope it has found a place in yours too.

The Moves:

  • Combine the citrus gin, grapefruit, honey and bitters in a shaker
  • Add ice, shake and double strain into a rocks glass over ice
  • Twist a healthy piece of lemon peel and place on top

If you missed our other 3 recipes, why not catch up and have a citrus gin summer weekend?

Unwind today with the Cirtus Ruby after work and have an at home happy hour. Then hit the bar tomorrow night and ask for a Citrus Fitzgerald. Enjoy your Saturday afternoon with a few friends and with a few Citrus Gin & Tonics. Then extend the weekend with a Sunday Funday and some Summer Sippers in the sun!


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