Apple and sage: a classic fall pairing that’s classic for a reason. It’s delicious! This is an outstanding autumn martini that is a sure crowd pleaser and is also easy to make. I created this as a cocktail pairing for a chicken cacciatore with portobellos and sage that Michael was making for a dinner party we were hosting. Sage is a very delicate flavor that is easily lost with the fruity sweetness of apple, so I made a sage syrup that would infuse the drink as a subtle background note. The key to this martini is the just the right balance of the apple and sage – the natural sweetness of the apple juice with a hint of the savory sage creates the perfect fall cocktail that will be sure to impress!

• 2½ oz gin or vodka depending on preference (vodka will let the sweetness shine, while gin will bring out the more herbal undertones)
• 2 oz fresh pressed apple juice (if you don’t have the time or patience to make your own, avoid anything “from concentrate”, you want the real deal)
• 1 oz Apple Liqueur or schnapps
• ¾ oz sage syrup (recipe here)
• tablespoon lemon juice

Shake well with ice and pour into martini or coup and garnish with a large sage leaf.

Bottoms up!


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